Monday, July 2, 2012

Free Education For International Students

Study abroad scholarship programs have been going on for quite sometime now in some parts of the world. Study abroad scholarship programs came up to help people who don't have money to study abroad. Most of these people don't even have enough money to fund their college studies or university studies in their home countries. But with free education now, most people can get quality education in the best countries of the world.
Recently, the countries that offer free education for international students are so few due to changes in policy. Free tuition schools for foreign students can only be found in some parts of Europe today. Sweden used to be the most popular country in Europe that is very much interested in free education for international students. The government of Sweden has been granting study abroad scholarship for international students for years now. People even started thinking that the free scholarship universities in Sweden would be there forever. It came as a shock to everyone when the news spread that starting from autumn semester 2011, there will not be study abroad scholarship universities for international students in Sweden. Though this policy was not immediately implemented. There was still opportunity for international students to apply for spring semester admission in Sweden on free tuition. After this semester, the policy takes immediate effect.
Though they have tried to help people to study free in their country, this recent policy is simply an eye opener. Other free tuition European countries might as well change their own policy.
These free tuition universities are under the control and influence of the Government. It's strongly recommended that you forward your application right away to these current European free tuition universities. This is because the Government can change their policy anytime and start charging tuition to international students just like that of Sweden. When they do, they don't owe you any explanation because it's their Government. After all, they have been funding tuition themselves for years now.

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